All Your Business Needs to Know Of Cloud Hosted PBX In 2022

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4 min readFeb 22, 2022
All Your Business Needs to Know Of Cloud Hosted PBX In 2022 | Angel PBX

Over the passage of time, every business had been developing some of the key strategies that had led to the intrinsic growth of the business communication. At the same time it has been the need of the hour to gear up the rate of the accessibility of the workforce that can lead to the attainment of the substantial rate of the gross profit. In the recent times, many of the business has been inculcating the mode of the advanced features to cater to the needs of the customers and also leverage the net rate of the productivity of the business.

Moreover with the onset of the pandemic, there have been many relevant issues in the business workforce that needed to be looked upon. At the same time it is the prerogative of the businesses to develop the intrinsic side of the business which can be beneficial for the long term, which has led to the growth of the virtual PBX system. Unlike the traditional mode of the telecommunication that has been integrated within the business domain, it is also the need of the hour to look upon the new ways which can be integrated to gain the maximum rate of the profit within the business.

What is The Cloud PBX and Why is it Important?

Unlike the mode of the traditional communications, that does require much of the additional time and developed network to operate successfully, PBX or the hosted PBX does refer to the technology used by any telephone service to route the calls in the most effective way. Hence the definition of the cloud PBX does relate to the internet based virtual PBX system that does answer all the calls and routes them to the concerned user extension or department. This leads to the growth of the data security and also manages the workflow of the concerned enterprise, successfully.

What Are The Unique Features of The Hosted PBX Solutions?

With the advancement of the business functionality, it has also been the need of the hour to cater to the individual needs to gear up the workforce functionality, hosted PBX solutions seems to be dominating the world with the unique features that it fetches to the business each day, that are as follows:

· Developed call Reporting and Analytics : If you have a large firm, then the features of the cloud hosted PBX is the best choice for you. With this, it’s true that you can be able to develop the calling features and also increase the mode of flexibility within your business domain.

· Interactive Voice Response : IVR or the Interactive Voice Response possesses the same function as the auto attendant expect instead of the pressing numbers on your dial pad you can direct them to the concerned department, which also leads to the growth of the internal aspect of the firm. This also allows your customers to gain self service at times of need.

· Free Local and Toll Free Numbers : When it comes to making better sales with the customers, the functionality of the free numbers does play a vital role. Being in the recognizable or unrecognizable area codes, there is the key role of the local or the toll free numbers that can increase the intrinsic connectivity of the business.

· Secured Call Encryption : With the integration of the services rendered by the cloud PBX providers, it is true that there is also the dire need to secure the data that is being transferred to the concerned enterprise. Hence the role play of the same comes into play, in the present day. Each of the business calls that are made are highly secured that shall allow the connectivity to remain secure without getting tensed about the breaching of data that can indeed happen at any time of the day. When you do need to make any business calls, you can highly rely on the hosted PBX solutions that shall aim to give you all that your business needs.

· Audio and Video Conferencing : As more and more the businesses are gaining much of the importance in being more competent than the other, it is true that you can be able to do more than just receive and make calls with the help of the internet. You can also arrange your conference calls to initiate your business meetings when required.

· Enterprise Grade Reliability : If your firm needs the higher level of the security to monitor the network that can accelerate the rate of the productivity then hosted PBX is the best choice for you that can boost the key interest level of your firm. When your business gets engulfed in any type of the disaster, backup generators of the cloud hosted PBX will always be there to support you effectively.


You can now generate intrinsic profit within your firm through the help of the hosted PBX providers, to increase the net potency of your business functionality in 2022. Get the best hosted PBX now only by reaching out to us to increase your business potency.



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